Practicing​ Faith When It Makes No Sense To Those Around You

their words seemed to them like nonsense…(Luke 24:11).

Faith seems silly to some, doesn’t it? Especially when it costs us something. There have been moments in my life when I have been practicing faith when others have questioned my motives or even- my sanity. Sure, I get it, faith doesn’t always make sense and radical faith makes even less sense.
Radical faith is the kind of faith I want to practice more in my life. But if I could be quite honest, whenever I want to pursue radical faith I am met with fear and doubt. Fear that tells me God won’t pull through and doubt that tries to make me believe that I’m not hearing from God.
Maybe you’ve been there too when you knew God was speaking something into your life, but you were too afraid to move forward. You feared the voices of those who question your obedience, so to avoid feeling dumb or stupid, you kept yourself from practicing obedience with God.
Sometimes faith sits on the sidelines instead of rising up with the courage to accomplish the vision provided by almighty God. Unless of course, faith makes us look good to other people, then we’ll be sure to practice that.
This is the sad reality of our culture. We make lengthy posts about the good things we do and take pictures of our best moments so that we can receive the praise of man. Yet, we hardly, if ever post about the radical obedience of faith it takes to walk away from deeply embedded sin. You see, this is the less glamorous side of faith.
Something God started teaching me years ago is, “Heather, stop making yourself look like the hero.” People can’t relate with a hero who makes all the right decisions, but they can relate with someone like them, who doesn’t always get it right. Therefore, I could tell you about the countless times I did not practice faith when God was asking something of me. I could share with you about the open willful rebellion in my heart against the things I knew He was asking me to trust Him in. So, if you’re looking for a hero, it’s not going to be me. Praise God, that our lives are not meant to display ourselves, but instead, the risen Savior who sets broken sinners free.
Lord, here I am. All of me. Even the most insecure parts that forget how good you are to me. Father, I need your grace. Yes, please, more of your grace Abba. May I practice radical faith today, not for others to see and praise me, but simply because I want to walk closely with you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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