Nothing is Ever Wasted With God

Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.”…. (John 6:12).

After the feeding of the 5,000, Jesus instructed His disciples to gather up all the broken, fragmented, leftover pieces. He wanted nothing to be wasted. You see, that’s just how Jesus operates. He takes even the broken pieces and uses them for HIs purposes.
You know that broken part in your life you’d rather keep hidden? Yeah, Jesus wants to use that. What about that place in your life that you feel deep shame over? He wants to use that too. If lay hidden under a cloud of shame, we will never allow Jesus to take our brokenness and turn it into a blessing.
When our life becomes like dust, shattered and broken, it’s easy to grow discouraged as the particles fall easy through our fingertips. The shattered remains of our heart seem too messy to make new, so instead of giving God our dust, we cover our hearts with it instead. We bury certain parts of our story in our pain, but Jesus wants to use our pain to become part of our story. He wants to take our dust and shattered pieces to make something totally brand new.
That’s why He says, let nothing be wasted. Don’t believe that part of your story was a waste. Don’t believe the terrible journey you walked was for nothing.
What drove Jesus to feed the 5,000, to begin with? It was compassion. I think Jesus wants us to partner with Him in the ministry of compassion. He wants to take our broken pieces and use them to feed others in their need. He wants nothing to be wasted, but everything to be used to help us become more compassionate, caring people. He can truly take any story, any hardship and use it in a way that gives glory to His name and cares for others. Yes, this is how I want God to use my story, let it be so, in Jesus name.
Lord, here I am, all of me. Use my story, my brokenness and my dust to bring you glory. I want to have tender compassion for others. Thank you for how you’ve grown me in caring more for people. Continue to use my life, in Jesus name, Amen.

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