When the Lies of the Enemy Start to Become the Truth I Hold onto….

for he is a liar and the father of lies… (John 8:44).

It’s easy to say Satan is a liar isn’ it? The hard thing is not to entertain His deceptive message. On a daily basis, I sense that I am daily being tempted to swim in a pool of deception. It’s deep waters seek to engulf me in things like unbelief, fear, and thoughts that polarize me from people.
If I could be honest, the pool Satan loves to tempt me to swim in is the pool that makes me think only about myself and what’s best for me.
This person doesn’t care about me, because ___________________. Maybe they didn’t meet some expectation I set for them and so now I allow thoughts to swim around in my head that they must not care. But, maybe this person is dealing with their own issues. Maybe they just need a friend, instead of someone who is thinking about themselves and getting upset because the world isn’t fulfilling and meeting their desires.
Maybe that’s why friendships don’t always stand the test of time, because two selfish people get so internally focused that they forget to care for the other.
Satan loves to take a spark of truth and twist it into a message of deception. I’ve watched him do it to me many times. In these moments, I have to pause my thoughts and submit them to the Lord Jesus. I don’t always do this perfectly, but I want to continue taking captive every thought so I don’t become so self-focused.
Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.
Self-focused people will always become upset with others, disappointed by unmet expectations and place burdens on people that are unfair for them to carry. There is a message I have to remind myself of often, “Heather, the world doesn’t revolve around you, get over yourself.”
Until we allow God’s messages of love, grace, and truth to permeate our hearts and minds through HIs life-changing word we will always be confused by the deceptive words of the enemy. We’ll start to believe his words are from God because our understanding of Scripture is so limited that our ability to fight back becomes weakened by our lack of preparation for the battle ahead. Prepare yourself well- young warrior for Christ, and let God’s love be the thing you set your heart and mind upon. Truly, the Lord is for you and His love for you endures forever.
Lord, I want to be led by thoughts from you. Convict me when I start to swim in pools of deception. Fill my heart and mind with grace for others instead. Lord, I long to be like you. Thank you for loving, changing and growing me through your word. May it be what I cling to every day, in Jesus name, Amen.

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