God Meets with the Humble

“Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”…. (Exodus 3:11).

God often picks those who have been humbled to continue on in great work for Him. He meets with Moses, a man who had been humbled in the wilderness, Paul, a man blinded on the road to Damascus and Peter a man who had hit the bottom of the pit after denying His Lord three times.
Each one of these men shares a similar story. A story of humbling and having their pride stripped from them. It was then, after the pruning and stripping of their pride that they were now ready for leadership in God’s Kingdom. Many of us want to be leaders for God and many of us will be given opportunities to lead, but the problem is we have not yet been stripped of our pride. Until we get to that point, we will never truly be ready to be leaders in the Kingdom.
I’m only saying this because I’ve seen it to be true in my own life. As a young leader, there was still quite a bit of pride in me so much of my ministry was centered around making sure that my ego was being stroked and that I was protecting myself and my good name.
Now that the Lord has taken me through such a devastating season of stripping there is very little pride left in me. Yes, of course, pride still comes knocking from time to time, but I have noticed it rarely comes anymore. You see, once you have been humbled by God and have sunk down to the bottom of the rung in the eyes of the world pride gets washed out fairly quickly as the Lord gets you to the bottom of yourself.
Moses was a prince in Egypt but he would become a nobody tending sheep in the desert. After HIs pride was washed away, he was ready. God met with Him and called Him out. Moses responds in humility by saying, “Who am I?” Essentially what Moses is saying is, “I’m a nobody, why would you pick me?” I suppose for the same reason God chose a humble young teen in the town of Nazareth to become the mother of Jesus. Simply because of His grace and because of a humble disposition before God.
Ask the Lord to strip you of your pride. It is a painful process, but trust me, it is very purposeful. Once you’ve been stripped of it you no longer feel entitled to certain positions or Kingdom work. You only feel a deep sense of gratitude that the Father would use someone like you for His Kingdom work.
Lord, thank you for taking me somewhere so deep in my heart that you cleaned out so much pride. Lord, help me continue to live and walk in humility. Father, I’m just so thankful that you would choose someone like me for your Kingdom work. Use my life for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen.

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