Walking Back Into Captivity

And on that very day the LORD brought the Israelites out of Egypt by their divisions…. (Ex 12:51).

Can you imagine Israel’s excitement as they left Egypt? Egypt’s oppression was the only thing they had ever known and now, by God’s miraculous power they were leaving Egypt. The place of their captivity.
It wasn’t long after leaving that they wanted to return. Life got hard in the desert and the Israelites started grumbling before Moses trying to convince themselves that they never should have left Egypt to begin with. Has that ever happened to you? It has for me. God has led me into something and because it got hard I started to question it and wished I could go back to what life was like before. Even if that was a place of oppression for me.
Quite honestly, sometimes it’s hard for us to see that those places we clung to in our past, the ones that God led us out of were places of oppression. Especially when life gets hard and you expected God to just automatically bless your new path.
When I stepped out in faith and left the job I was working, the community I was living in and the home that I enjoyed I fully expected God to bless my life right away. I had no idea His next step for me was to be thrust into the desert. I kept thinking….if I could just go back….but God made that not possible and for that I’m thankful.
You see, the problem is not with God, it’s with us. We place these unhealthy expectations on Him then get mad at Him when He doesn’t follow through the way we want Him to. I’m only saying this because I’ve seen it in my own heart.
Sometimes the place God wants us in the desert. If we didn’t go there we’d treat Him far too much like a Genie in a bottle, expecting Him to fill us with automatic blessings as soon as we respond in faith. The desert is not for your destruction, trust me, it is for your good. Give Him praise in all things and don’t go back to the place of your oppression. Freedom awaits you as you trust God for deliverance.
Lord, thank you for desert seasons. I don’t like them, but you use them. Thank you for using those seasons to make me more like you. I know in my stubbornness I’ve been quick to want to go back to the places of oppression in my life, please forgive me and help me to trust you instead, in Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Walking Back Into Captivity

  1. I find it hard to move forward. Call in control, but setting no expectations but still hoping in God seems to be paradoxical at times. I really really meditated this morning and said thank you for being you in the desert and in the rain but I feel like I have a special grace today, How do we move forward and not want to go back and be consistent emotionally and mentally in surrendering?


    1. Nathan, it sounds like you were really honest before God this morning and He blessed you with His grace as you poured out your heart before Him. Honestly, that’s just what I had to keep doing. I had to resolve, sometimes moment by moment to release my fears, worries and anxieities to Him. Whenever I wanted to go back and get caught up in my emotions I had to surrender that to the Lord’s will. Sometimes it was as simple as saying, “Lord, I do not understand, but I trust you.” Then other times I would ask God to redeem and restore everything that was taken from me and claimed that if He could do it for Job, Ruth, Joseph and Jesus​, He could do it for me. Keep surrendering brother….God will fill you with His grace.

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