When the Burdens Becomes Too Great To Carry

The work is too heavy for you; you cannot handle it alone…. (Ex 18:18).

Have you ever tried to shoulder too much, taking on a load that was too heavy to carry? I have. I can recall the many times in life when it felt like I’ve sat under a great crushing weight and the sad thing is that I told myself I was alone in my struggle. Little did I know there were plenty of people willing, able and ready to help, but I had not gotten up the courage to simply ask for their help.
What happens when a load becomes too heavy to bear? It cripples us, breaks us and disables us from moving forward. It starts to change us, not into people free in the Lord, but people embittered by life who just want to give up on everything around us. I’m only saying this because, in those unhealthy seasons in my life, I’ve lived there under the crushing weight of it all. Something inside of me told me I couldn’t reach out for help or if I did it showed a sign of weakness.
Then there were other lies that I believed. Lies that told me people had certain expectations of me, so shouldering that load was my responsibility. I also believed that if I shared what was going on in my life I would be looked down on, so I kept shouldering my own load, trying to keep it all from falling.
But sometimes, things need to fall. They need to fall because its the only way we’ll let go. They need to fall because its the only way we’ll ever be free. We’re too stubborn to share the load, so when it falls, although it usually comes with a great crash, it is needed and necessary for our souls. The thing is, we must be willing to stay long enough to pick up the mess and ask others to join us in the process. God is constantly trying to get us to a place where we learn to ask for help. A place where we become place-sharers with others, who invited the messes of others in. This is when the beauty of the gospel and Christ’s church is lived out most gracefully. When the church and God’s people become a place where we seek to shoulder the load of others, not just when life falls apart, but in the day to to day grind of following after Jesus.
So if you’re shouldering a great load right now, please know you were never meant to carry it all alone. Go ahead and ask others for help. You’ll find that freedom will meet you as you. do.
Lord, may my life be an open book. I long to share it with others. Forgive me when my independence leaks out and I become stubborn and headstrong. May my heart trust in your unfailing love instead. For you, oh Lord are so good and I trust you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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