Find Your Purpose

and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it…. (Matt 10:39)

Have you ever gone searching for your purpose? Wondering what was supposed to become of your life? I have. This has sent me looking for something to do, instead of someone to become. I think we have a gross misunderstanding in the church of what it really means to find our purpose. You see our purpose is not something we do, it’s found in someone we come to know. Yes, that is where our purpose is found, in knowing Jesus.
I’ve chalked up a pretty good resume, accomplished some fairly impressive things and have a few pieces of paper that say I’m qualified to do this thing or that. But you see, Jesus took 12 disciples of little repute, who lacked higher education, and the impressive lives we often strive for and invested so deeply into their lives that they changed the world. If you notice, for quite some time, the disciples aren’t actually doing any ministry as they follow Jesus. They are simply getting to know who He is and after doing so, then He sends them out.
If you’ve ever wondered what your purpose is supposed to be, stop looking for something to do and start pursuing someone to become in Christ. It took me a long time to get to this place, but I’m recognizing that, truly, my greatest joy and purpose isn’t found in what I do, my bucket list or my great accomplishments for God. No, my greatest joy and purpose is found in being God’s child. This is where truly delight is found as I rest in the Father’s love for me. Yes, love for a redeemed sinner like me who doesn’t always get it right but who is unconditionally loved by her Father.
Just like the disciples, I want to get to know Jesus first, before I go seeking to find my purpose in the things I do. I want to know Him like a best friend so that I can understand His heart for others and live out of the fullness of His love for me.
Lord, you love me, what a wonderful truth. You died for me, what a glorious thing. I don’t deserve it, but you love me still. Jesus, I want to find myself in you. Truly, knowing you are my greatest purpose in this life. For someone who finds too much satisfaction in the things she does, this has been a hard, but wonderful truth for me to embrace. Thank you, Father, for showing me this truth, in Jesus name, Amen.

5 thoughts on “Find Your Purpose

  1. I love this Heather…it’s so meaningful…..we all try to find our purpose in life when it’s right there with Jesus…we don’t have to look any further because without Jesus, our life has no meaning or purpose! Thank you for your words of wisdom Heather and allowing God to speak through you.

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