When My Thoughts Get Stuck On Repeat

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight…(Psalm 19:14).

I’m the kind of person that once I hear a song I like, I put it on repeat, over and over again until I can sing the words without even thinking about it. The lyrics get so seared into my heart and mind that singing them becomes automatic with little or no thought put into it.
The same can be true of our thoughts. We can play them over and over again on repeat until we wear them out. These thoughts become so deeply seared upon our hearts and minds that we go about our day singing them without even really thinking about if the thoughts we’ve played on repeat are rooted in truth or deception. If you’re like me, you’ve played a few messages on repeat that have really just created more chaos in your life.
Thoughts like, “These people don’t value me,” “God can’t work in me here,” “This person will never change, they’ll always be a jerk.” Then there’s all the fears and insecurities I have about myself that surface there way from the pit of deception and into my heart and mind. Sadly, there are many valuable, loved, people of God who hold fast to deception and sing it from their hearts, keeping them from walking in true freedom in Christ.
Until we start playing a different song on repeat; the song of truth, we will always operate out of our songs sung from a place of deception. When we start reciting the deceptive lyrics before others they can help us see that what we have sung to ourself is really just a stanza full of lies. But, if we only sing the lyrics to ourselves, within our own hearts, it is doubtful we will find true freedom, in Jesus name.
Lord, I want to sing a new song in my heart. I don’t want to hold fast to deception. I want to sing the song of truth. The song you’ve placed there through your word. Lord, let my heart be happy in your truth, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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