Lured Away and Enticed

But each one is tempted when by his own evil desires he is lured away and enticed…James 1:14

Sometimes my heart feels led away like an individual giving themselves over to a prostitute. The pleasures of the moment feel good, but the consequences of giving into such defilement permeate throughout my life and infect every area.
You see, it’s the evil desires in my heart, that if I feed, it is only a matter of time before I give into them. When my ungodly desires have grown fat, through my own doing, I will pay the consequences as they expand all the more in my life.
Short, temporal, a quick fix, to soothe my worry. Its really all about control and a heart that has not fully submitted themselves to Jesus. Since I know how easily my heart can stray I have learned the value of daily being in His word and of living an honest, transparent life before God and others. When I come to the daily realization that the greatest sinner I know is me I can live with humility knowing that God gives me victory over my evil enticements as I submit myself to Him.
I have watched other things grow strong and sleek in my life as I’ve walked in this realization. I have seen mercy, grace, forgiveness, humility, and love flow out from my heart instead. I have watched the desires of my heart turn from selfishness motivations and towards caring for people. This is not because of me, this is because of the work of Christ. Trust me when I say that I do not share any of this to boast in myself, but to say that without Christ and His word, I’d be up a creek without a paddle, continuing to feed the desires that lead me toward sinful rebellion.
But this is what His word does for us. Also, this is what transparency does too. It creates newness in the heart and opens doors for us to be free. Truly, it is the work of Christ in the life of someone who has learned to say, I’m a mess, but He is making me new.
Lord, I know how easily my heart can stray. I know there are areas in my life that need your grace and your love to penetrate them. Otherwise, I’ll walk the path of sinful rebellion, giving in to my own desires, growing fat with selfishness. I want to grow up in you. I want to love others like Jesus. Make me like you as I hold fast to Jesus and the promises of your word, Amen.

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