Failure To Act

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love…(Gal 5:6).

The other day I posted something on my wall about a woman who had experienced some hurt within the church after her divorce. Based upon the response to this post it became very obvious to me there are many others who have experienced similar pain, including myself.
Many have dealt with feeling rejected, forgotten, left alone or even abandoned by the church. Unfortunately, these are commonplace when the church is full of selfish people who are just like me.
There have been numerous occasions when I have thought to myself, “I should really call that person,” or “I should do something for them,” but then I don’t. It’s easy to look at our church hurt and get mad at the people who didn’t serve us the way we would have hoped. It takes a lot more effort to look within our own selves and ask the hard question of, “When have I not helped when someone was hurting?”
Trust me when I say that our selfishness and inaction has played a part in someone else’s feelings of rejection or abandonment. I’m certain this is true. The very fact that I’ve sat around and thought about how hurt I was only revealed that the biggest problem in the church was not the other people who didn’t serve or love me, but my inability to look past my own selfish needs and hurt to serve someone else.
Yes, until we start with the person we look at in the mirror every day and deal honestly with our issues of selfishness we will never move to be a church that looks outside of ourselves to care for hurting people.
Lord, I want to serve others as you would. Forgive me for the selfishness that keeps me stuck on my own pain. Help me to look past my pain to see others who are hurting. Jesus, grant me the courage to act when I see that others are bleeding from within. I want to be an agent of change through your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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