Stop Looking For Encouragement and Start Offering It Instead

 I am sending him to you for this very purpose, that you may know how we are, and that he may encourage you….(Eph 6:22).

Someone out there needs encouragement. I don’t know about you, but I love encouragement. I love it when people offer it to me. Wrongfully, I almost expect them to.
I think this reveals something about my heart that is still growing and changing. Although there’s nothing wrong with being blessed by encouragement, it is never wise to place such high expectations on others. It’s as if we’re looking to people to remind us that we’re OK and that we are enough. Truly, the only person who can satisfy us with true encouragement that fills the soul is the Lord Jesus Christ.
If no encouragement is offered to you by someone on this earth, be reminded that the Holy Spirit, that dwells inside of you is always seeking to encourage you. Truly, you can drink from a well that never runs dry for your thirsty soul. Sometimes, when I’m looking for encouragement from others and don’t get it, I have to stop myself and go looking for my Father. As I sit myself down at the shores of His great love, I am filled to the brim with the goodness and encouragement of my Father.
Although the Spirit reassures us, this doesn’t dismiss us from offering encouragement to others. Since we’re often looking for encouragement instead of offering it we miss out on great opportunity to bless someone else. Truly, this kind of blessing is far better than always receiving the praise we’re looking for.
I wonder then, who you can be an encouragement to today? Who can you serve, not expecting anything in return, but truly, out of a desire to simply be a blessing? I’ve got a few people in mind and I’ll start by asking the Lord how I can bless them today, in Jesus name.
Abba, I want to live my life as a blessing. Although I love encouragement, I don’t need it to keep living in how you’ve made me. Truly, your Spirit encourages me if I’m willing to drink from the well of living water that lives inside of me. May my cup run over with that kind of love bursting inside of me, in Jesus name, Amen.

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