When Worry Keeps From Rest

when you are on your beds,

search your hearts and be silent…. (Ps 4:4).

I think David understood something about most of us as he offers up this prayer to the Lord in the Psalms. He understood how often we lie in bed, not singing songs of praise to the Lord or resting quietly in deep, abiding trust, but instead, to worry. I don’t know about you but I have spent many nights lying awake in bed, wondering and worrying about something. Keeping me from the rest that my soul needs.
David prays that when our head hits the pillow that we might be silent. You see, this is where the Lord’s grace and His rest meets us as we learn to trust Him and let go. Sometimes it feels lonely lying there, worrying about one thing after another, but if we would be willing to release our worries to the Lord, we would find great company in His love and rest for our souls.
Why does David say to search our hearts? Because more often than not we allow wrong ideas about God or our situation to guide our thoughts and emotions. As we search our hearts and ask the Lord to meet us there, we can know that He’ll reveal to us something we have believed about Him that is wrong. We can now choose to release and repent to Him all of those things we have concerned ourselves with that are not of Him.
Lord, may my sleep be restful because you are a divine resting-place. When I lay awake because of worry may I learn to set that aside to take up your grace instead. Thank you, Father, that you are in control and I can trust you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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