When Your Own Thoughts Start to Cause Division Within the Church

See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many…..(Heb 12:15).

Unity in the church is so important that without it, things start to fall apart.
If I am not careful, I sense a voice of disunity and division start to wedge its way into my own heart and mind. It’s then, during those times, when I sense a voice of negativity start to flood me that I must begin to tell myself a different story- a Godly story. A story of hope and goodwill. A story of peace and grace. If I don’t, a bitter root will spring up that starts to pollute my heart with the poison of division.
Division within the church is so hideous that to us, it seems justified, based upon the story we’ve been telling ourselves for far too long. You see, bitter roots start to make sense when we have played their messages on repeat. I know I’ve lived in that place of sin, where one message became so convincing to me that I was sure it was true. The more convinced I became the more bitter and hard my heart grew towards that lie.
We will always operate out of those divisive thoughts when we play the wrong song on repeat.
If we truly want to be unified we must live with an awareness that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy the good work of God. Until we learn to cast those doubts, fears and deceptive thoughts out bringing them out in the light of transparency, we will be swallowed up by them.
Godly living is not easy, we must work towards it. We must fight for it. We must persevere in it. It’s the only way we’ll find freedom together within the body of Christ.
Lord, we love you. We thank you that you love unity. Help us, God, to pursue it with relentless passion. Father, we want to be like you. We ask for more of your grace. We are so weak, yet you are so strong. Pour out your grace upon us, we pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “When Your Own Thoughts Start to Cause Division Within the Church

  1. Just want to go out on a limb here and say this Heather. Each day I come to your blog and read your unabashed honest evaluation of where you are at I am refreshed. Rarely do I see such willingness to accept the humbling hand of God to change us into His Son’s character, especially one so forthright.

    For years I struggled with my own lack of character going to churches that also lacked character. The process of having His nature replace my addicted, ‘self’ filled life has been brutal. Again and again I (and my family) have patiently endured His chastening as He ruthlessly exposed our ‘self’ for what it is. What pain, what joy. It really is hard to describe. When I see you openly going down that same path I am deeply encouraged for I know the outcome.

    Just wanted to say thank you Heather. Not just for this post but for who you are. You may or may not see it but your honesty touches people like nothing else can.

    May you find that He adds to your great blessings today.

    Homer Les
    Uncompromising Faith


    1. Homer,

      I am deeply humbled by your words. Truly, it was a very painful journey God took me on as He helped me realize that a transparent, humble life is the best way to live. I have found my life connect with others on such a deeper level over the past few years because of it.

      Your kind words remind me to keep writing and to keep being transparent. Honestly though, my writing also helps me process with the Lord what’s really going on in my heart. It’s good for me and I’m glad that others have been blessed by it as well.

      Blessings to. you brother!


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