When My Faith is in Others But Not God

so your faith and hope are in God…. (1 Pe 1:21).

We’ve got to stop resting our faith in people. Does this mean we should never have faith in people? No, of course not, but we should never rest our faith upon them as if they somehow hold the key to all the answers for our lives.
There is a sweet seduction within Christendom to put our faith in pastors, high profile Christian leaders and even those closest to us like a spouse, child or friend. All of these people at the end of the day are just that- people. To rest our faith in them puts them in an unhealthy position in our hearts and minds because when they fail we are crushed, devastated and our faith becomes shaken. For some reason, we’re surprised when these people fail us, but since we often look to them to find our identity it’s hard for us not to be surprised by it or take it personally.
Maybe it’s just been me, but sometimes I recognize that I’m resting my faith in them because I want to be them. I want their power and prestige. I want their influence. I want them to fill a need in me that I lack. I want them to somehow validate me and tell me that I’m OK. But, sometimes, I’m not OK and neither are they and when my faith is resting upon them, my identity starts to crumble right along with them.
I can recall a friend I had a number of years ago who I started to idolize. I desperately wanted her approval so I obsessed about it. If, in my mind, she wasn’t reciprocating back to me the importance of our friendship I was crushed. Looking back, I needed her because I didn’t fully know and understand my worth as a child of God.
I’ve also been so insecure that I haven’t sought the Lord for answers, but instead, I’ve turned those people that I’ve rested my faith upon into the spiritually elite of my life. If they say it, then it must be done, because in my mind they are somehow spiritually above the rest. Instead of fostering a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, I have sought them to take His place in m life, hoping that they will somehow speak into me the words of life that God wants to pour into me through time alone with Him.
Therefore, dear friend, put your hope in God and watch Him work in you as you learn how to rest not your faith in people, but God alone who stirs our hearts and draws us daily closer to Him.
Father, today I want to rest my faith in you. Not on others, my job, finances or position. Truly, I want all of me to be immersed in all of you. Pour into me, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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