When I Hang onto Fear and Control….I Always Let Go of God

the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials… (2 Peter 2:9).
I have seen the Lord do mighty things in my life. Things I never dreamed He could do, because quite frankly, I’d never seen God work in these ways because for too long my fear told me He wouldn’t.
For all my life I’d read about the stories in the Bible of God’s great deliverance and provision for others, but I had a hard time truly believing that He would do the same for me. This only kept me trapped in prisons of unbelief, where I tried to stay in control.
Let me tell you, if you want to make a quick mess of things try to stay in control of your life while not trusting God to pull through for you. I cannot tell you how many times this has ended in disaster for me as I’ve tried so hard to stay in control. The entire time I was grasping for straws and living in anxiety and fear in my pithy attempts to gain and keep control.
Thanks to some of the Lord’s loving discipline and me falling on my face so many times that I was just tired of the repercussions of my sinful choices I humbled myself before God and asked Him to change my heart. As I was met with new opportunities to trust God, it was hard at first, but I kept letting go and walked forward in my newfound trust in God. For the first time, I saw God start to do mighty things and I had peace.
That was the best part. No longer was I flooded with fear and anxiety, but my heart and mind were covered in the grace of God. Something changed in me, as I learned to practice faith in God and let go of my fears. He was growing within me a beautiful city of confidence, peace, and trust. It was and is a strong city where I can rest my weary head. It is indeed a city full of life and peace, in His name.
Father, help us all to let go of our fears and trust you. Help me as I continue to grow, change and heal as your daughter, made in your image. Lord, shower me with grace. Continue to work in my life. I trust you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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