Freedom From Pornography

I have covered my bed

with colored linens from Egypt….(Proverbs 7:16).

Pornography is a destroyer of the very vigor and lifeblood of those who consume it. Not only does it destroy one’s life, but it wrecks and ruins the relationships that are closest to the one who fancies themself with it.
It is an open grave, a pit of destruction set out to swallow up the soul of the one who indulges in it. Pornography is serious. It is a serious epidemic in our world today, among men and women of all ages.
It is a confusing epidemic for our young people since they have been raised on its images. The smartphone has opened up easy access to its entrapment and our youth are being conditioned by it far too young without the spiritual and emotional maturity to know how to handle it.
Lonely fathers, mothers, and singles are seeking it to give them some false type of companionship. A sense of satisfaction that they feel as though they lack is now being searched for in pornographic images sent only to rewire and pollute their brains.
You see, pornography steals one of God’s greatest gifts to any married couple or person who hopes to be married someday- intimacy. You cannot grow in intimacy with one another if your heart and mind are being captured by the destructive ways of pornography. Simply because it teaches us that sex is the exact opposite of true intimacy. It tries to make us believe that sex is all about the one who wants it, not about the gift of serving another person in love.
Is pornography an easy fix to a desire or want? It seems as though it is, but it fixes nothing. It only destroys, demeans and dehumanizes all who are involved in it. It is terribly sneaky and deceptive. Truly, it is altogether terrible. So, what do we do in a culture where pornography has weaseled its way into so many minds and hearts?
We learn how to listen to those who consume it. We sit with them, hear their story- with compassion and walk alongside them as they pursue true, lasting freedom from it. No one will find freedom if we heap shame upon them, but they will find it if we meet them with grace. Truly, when we do, we open a door for them to walk out of the darkness they have found themselves in. Now we can journey with them into the root of why it became such an issue in their life.
You see, an addiction to pornography simply reveals a deeper issue of the heart and if we are not willing to go with people into that place, we will never get to be the grace of God to those who need it. But if we are willing, we will see God’s kingdom come as men, women, and children find freedom from their pasts in Jesus name. We will see lives, hearts and minds restored as we teach people how to flee the deceptive ways of pornography and find true, lasting freedom in Jesus Christ.
Father, please help our world find freedom from the entrapments of pornography. God, please forgive us for how we’ve allowed it to pervade our society. It only hurts people. You know that. Help us now, to walk with others as they seek to find freedom, in Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Freedom From Pornography

  1. I really like what you wrote, but it does need to be pointed out in those people who actually develop pornography addictions, it no longer is just an issue of the heart, it becomes an actual disease of the brain. Having a spiritual core, at least in my experience and witnessing my fellow addicts, is completely key to successful recovery, but for people who got where I did, you can’t only pray this away any more than you can pray away diabetes or arthritis.

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    1. I agree! It definitely goes much deeper. Thanks for your insight on that. I’ve done some reading on how porn actually changes reshapes the brain. Thanks for sharing your story. I pray God uses you to help others find freedom too! 🙂

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