When God Speaks and Your Pride Keeps You From Hearing Him

The LORD called to Moses and spoke to him from the tent of meeting… (Le 1:1).

There have been many seasons in my life when I have been desperate to hear from God. Truth be told, the reason I’m not hearing from Him, in those seasons, is because I either don’t like what He has already said or I haven’t placed myself in a posture of listening.
I shoot prayers up to God like a shotgun blast as I run from one activity to the next. I’ll ask Him what His will is, but come to Him with a heart that’s covered in rebellion and pride. Have you ever done that? Asked God what He really wanted, but came with a wall of pride, knowing that in the back of your mind if He didn’t answer your prayer how you wanted you were still going to do what you want? I have and let me tell you, that never turns out well.
God speaks, but since I’m not listening I’ll say things to others like, “I sense God saying to me…..or, “I haven’t heard from the Lord on this yet”….when, I know that I have, I’m just covering His voice with my own, which leads my own sinful heart down the same destructive journey it started out on before I asked Him what His will was for me.
As I’ve walked this painful journey of rebellion I have finally reached the point where I’m so tired of hearing from myself that the thought of not heeding God’s voice actually sends a bit of trepidation into my heart and mind. Not because I’m afraid of God, but quite simply, I’m afraid of going on without Him. I’ve walked that journey far too many times. The one where I plow ahead of Him and it always ends up bad for me. Not because God is bent on punishing me, but because in His love, He’s trying to protect me and I’m not listening.
So, don’t fear letting go, it’s the best place you can find yourself in. Truly, in His will, heeding ourselves to Him and His voice, as we place ourself in a posture of listening before Him, we are truly safe. This is the best place for our hearts and minds as we submit ourselves to the loving hand of a merciful and almighty God. As we come to Him with nothing but ourselves and our deep love for Him, His presence surrounds us as we hear from His tender, loving voice.
Abba, I long to hear from you. I want to always be in a posture of listening. I do so much talking, but what I really want is you. Help me God, to kill my pride so that I can hear you more clearly, I ask, in Jesus name, Amen.

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