I Know Everything Belongs to God, But I Don’t Always Live Like It Does

All the fat is the LORD’s….(Lev 3:16).

I might tell you that everything in my life belongs to the Lord, but I can’t always say with confidence that I live that way. Simply because I’ll find myself fretting about what could happen to something I have possession of. This only reveals a misunderstanding within my heart of who actually holds the keys of true ownership and control of the things in my life.
My body, money, calling, ministry, future child, marriage, and relationships with other loved ones- to name a few are the things I’ve lacked the ability to truly say and then live out, “These belong to the Lord.”
Have you ever done that with God? Tried to hold onto something that wasn’t yours. Giving Him only part of yourself, but holding on tightly to the thing you loved dearly? Yeah, that’s definitely been me.
I’m not going to tell you that once I let those things go, it all became easier for me. Honestly, as I’ve let go of many of these things that I’ve mentioned things actually became much more painful and harder in my life. To the point where I just wanted to give up and go back to hanging onto control. Yet, the Lord, on many occasions wouldn’t let me. He wouldn’t allow for me to go back to hanging onto control, because in His great love, He was writing a new story for me. I just had to be patient.
Be thankful that God keeps shutting doors to keep you from going back. Even though its immensely painful, it is for your good. Trust me, that I know for certain, because I’ve lived it.
Today I want to live as a woman abandoned to the love of Christ, knowing that everything that I have been given to steward in this life really just belongs to the Lord.
Father, may my life be an offering to you. God, I don’t have this thing all together, far, far from it. I need your grace to daily sustain me as I walk with you. I need your loving hand to keep me from hanging on too tightly to the things I sometimes try to take control of. Forgive me when I make life about me. I want it to be all about you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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