I Know It’s So Discouraging….But, Keep Praying

 But after the three and a half days the breath of life from God entered them…(Re 11:11).

The Lord reminding me this to morning to keep praying for something in my life that feels done and over with. Something that my doubt wants me to believe will never be restored and redeemed. But you see, God takes dead things and raises them back to life.
I know that’s easy for me to say. Trust me, I understand all of that. I understand that when something devastating happens in your life and someone’s heart grows hard and they shut you out it feels defeating and so discouraging. Part of you buries that pain, only to lock it away, convincing yourself that things are just always going to be this way, so you need to find some way to deal with it and move on in life.
But, if I could be quite honest, that “burial” is quick to come up from the ground when a memory of that time flickers within my heart and mind. Sometimes, that comes at the memory of what happened or, just as I’m going about my day and something similar arises and I’m brought once again back into that painful experience where sin triumphed in the heart of someone and for this present season, there is no restoration of that broken relationship.
But sin doesn’t always have to win out. You see, whenever I bury pain, I just place it somewhere in my heart for the devil to use at an opportune time. I must, instead surrender my pain to the Lord Jesus, so that He holds it close to His heart as He continues to work in it for His glory. Now, I’m not making any promises and saying that things will change eventually. I hope they do, but they might not. Thus, we must be willing, once more, to trust Jesus with what happened. We must allow Him to hold it in His hands, because when we do, He can set it aside and hold us closer to His heart. Jesus has a way of making wrongs things right, even if that means things don’t turn out like we hope.
Lord, thank you that you take dead things and raise them to life. Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for His resurrection. Father, be my greatest joy, hope and purpose in this life, as I surrender every part of me to you. I pray, in Christ’s name, Amen.

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