God Will Provide

we are his people, the sheep of his pasture…. (Ps 100:3).

God is going to provide for you. You do not have to fear what tomorrow brings. Trust me when I say this, trying harder, expending more energy and dreaming up all the possible ways to fill the needs of your life will not bring about the results you’re hoping for. In fact, they will leave you depleted and exhausted.
I know this to be true, because I’ve spent far too much time trying to play the role of provider in my own life. It took me years to learn how to truly rest in green pastures with my Father. I thought that if I tried harder, I would get what I needed, but if I could be quite honest, my trying harder only brought on more anxiety in my life. It never brought on lasting peace, until I learned how to sit in green pastures with my Father holding me.
That came through very painful circumstances though. As I learned to sit with my Father, sometimes, it felt like I was fighting against Him, wanting to leave His pasture, but I just knew that I had no place else to go. Since everything had been stripped from me, nothing more was left except me and God. Although this was a painful place to live. It was a very purposeful place for me to grow. As I sat with my Father in His green pastures, I learned to submit myself to His Kingship and His ability to provide for me in my life.
Since then, I’ve become a little less controlling about money. A lot less worried about my calling in ministry and much more at peace as I’ve learned how to sit still in the Father’s love. For someone who used to be an addict to doing more, this has been good for my soul to learn how to detach and be at peace before my Heavenly Father.
His green pastures for you are good. Therefore, do not worry about what you can’t see today. Truly, He is working behind the scenes awaiting to shower you with great blessings as you rest in His great love.
Lord, I love you. Thank you for taking me into those green pastures and for showing yourself faithful. I knew that you would pull through and you did. I claimed your promises over and over again and you proved yourself loving and good. Thank you God, for being so good. Lavish your love upon me today as I sit with you now, in Jesus name, Amen.

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