Stop Feasting on the Words That Have Hurt You

Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me….(Ps 54:4). 

It’s time to stop feasting on the words of the people who hurt you.  It only makes you angry at the people who said those things that cut you deep.  But, as I’m learning, sometimes we need to be cut deep.  Sometimes those words reveal wounds something that we never quite healed from.


More often than not, the pain that accompanies the difficult moments of life is a small glimpse of the Father’s mercy.  How you ask?  Because, as I’m finding, many times, what angers me most about the moments that feel unfair or hurtful are things in me that need to grow and change.  Yes, it’s the issues of my heart that come unveiled through hurtful circumstances and words spoken.

We must understand that each moment is not meant to destroy us, but to be used by God to make us more like Him.  Even those painful moments.  It’s not people were up against. Truly, I find more often than not the person I’m up against is myself.  The lies, the words that run on repeat through my heart and mind, sent not by God, but by a great enemy can quickly put me in a place of defeat.  Yet, I am daily reminded that it is the Lord who sustains me.  Therefore, I need not defend myself before others, but instead, learn how to rest, with great humility in the arms of an ever-loving, all-sustaining God.  Truly, as I feast upon HIs love, I am no longer defeated, but instead, wear the victors crown.

Father, I submit all things to you including every word spoken that has been hurtful.  Everything God, that feels unfair, I place it at your feet. Thank you for revealing things to me GOd through these hard times, things in me that need to grow and change.  Help me now to thrust myself into a place of humility as I arrest myself to you, in Jesus name, Amen.  



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