God Will Raise You Up

People I did not know now serve me,  foreigners cower before me;… (Ps 18:43–44). 

Keep being faithful.  God will raise you up.  Even now, as you sift your way through a difficult, challenging, and what seems like a hopeless season it will not end in this way for you if you hold fast to His promises.

It is true that we can allow our struggles with wrong belief delay our coming forth and so we need to wise, ready and alert in all things so that we don’t delay the victory of God in our lives.  As we give Him praise and rest ourselves fully upon the grace given us through His love, we can rest assured that in Christ, we will come forth, not just defeating our enemy, but trampling over them.


You see, when God brings about the victory in our life, we don’t just receive a small blessing from His hand, but God will flip our story and bring redemption in our lives through what was lost.  Yes, He will take the very things we lost in previous seasons and restore them back in greater beauty in new seasons as we learn to trust in His love.

I know what you’re thinking though, how can that be possible?  Everything seems so done with and over right now.  I get that feeling, I totally do, but Christian, we must remember that one of the keys to our growth as believers is perseverant faithfulness.

Perseverant faithfulness closes the door on the enemy and opens the door for God to work on our behalf.  God will grow and sustain us through that time as we wait for His redemption.  God will take those things wrecked and ruin by sin, whether due to our fault or someone else’s and as we humble ourselves before Him, we will see all things lost by sin restored in greater fullness for the glory and praise of God.

Father, I believe in your redemption.  Take those things captured by sin in my life and thrawted by the enemy and confuse his attack against me.  Help me now to walk in your truth and to see your redemptive victory, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.  

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