I’ve Learned Just How Powerful Faith is Over My Emotions

my foes will rejoice when I fall….(Ps 13:4).

We will fall in life.  Things will happen, we will fail and the enemy will rejoice when we do.  What I have found though, is that I find myself continuing to fall because instead of falling into my faith, I keep falling into the hands of my emotions.  Those emotions are usually never good as my mind races with feelings of anger, mistrust, wanting to justify myself, etc.  The enemy loves to spin a story that just doesn’t exist in our hearts so that we’ll keep falling back on something that just isn’t true.
Have you ever done that?  Made up a whole scenario in your head of how someone feels about you or how things are going to play out?  Honestly, I’ve done that more than I care to admit and the story I tell myself is usually never good.  It’s always a story of discouragement and defeat.  Therefore, instead of falling into my emotions and drowning in them I must place myself in the hands of a loving Father who silences my heart and speaks His words of life and love into me.
The enemy is defeated when we take up the shield of faith and allow the Lord Jesus to write a different story on our hearts and mind.  You see, this story is found in His word.  When we write that story on our heart, we can recall its truth when we are discouraged so that we may be encouraged.  After all, in all things, we are more than conquerors, and that includes over our emotions, because of Him who loves us.
Father, today I want to fall into the hands of grace.  I long to know you and to be led by your hand of mercy.  Lord Jesus, be my joy and delight.  Shower me with your truth as I lean into you.  I refute the discouraging message of the enemy who wants to make me believe lies.  Today, I long to stand on your truth, in Jesus name, Amen.  

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