God Has a Chosen One and I’m Not It….

 I have seen and I testify that this is God’s Chosen One.”… (Jn 1:34). 

God has a chosen one and you’re not it.  I get it, you understand that.  But, if I could be quite honest, sometimes, the world starts to revolve around me and although logically, I understand that Jesus is God’s chosen one, I start to live like I’m it instead.


Things happen in life where I am hurt by the words of others or their judgments of me and I am sent into this place of self-pity where I tell myself a story that goes a little something like this.

“These people just don’t appreciate or see my gifts.”

“I should be given a chance, it’s their loss if they don’t see and use my potential.”

I’ll play similar phrases like these on repeat.  This only causes me to become more and more isolated from the people I’ve convinced myself don’t see my value or appreciate me.  This simply makes life, ministry, and service all about me.  My needs, my wants, my gifts, how I’ve been slighted and misunderstood..me, me, me….gross.

I wish I could say that I’ve arrived in this, but I just haven’t.  I’m still fighting with Jesus for my freedom from this dark place my mind likes to spin into.  You see, people, circumstances and not getting what we want is not the problem.  The enemy who loves to twist, lie and deceive is the problem.  I get that, and I understand that, but I often forget to realize that when the battle rages, I don’t fight him.  I fight my circumstances, the people around me and, ultimately, the Lord.

There is one chosen one, Jesus.  Today, I’m going to fight with Him for right belief, because He is the only one who can set my mind free from the prisons I put myself in.  Truly, we wear the victors crown when we learn how to start fighting the right enemy through the power and love of the true chosen one- Jesus.

Father, today I want to stand on truth.  You are God’s chosen one, not me.  Forgive me for making life about myself.  Forgive me for fighting the wrong enemy.  Set my heart free according    


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