Who Rules Your Thoughts?

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ…..(2 Cor 1:2). 

How do you greet people who’ve hurt you?  I’m not just talking about a physical greeting, like when you see them at church or at the grocery store.  I’m talking about how you greet them when your thoughts run towards them in your heart.  Sometimes, for me, that’s a greeting that’s met with anger towards them or a desire for justice.  I often wonder how many of my thoughts towards people have nothing to do with the Kingdom of God, but everything to do with the Kingdom of me.


Because what’s best for me, might not be what’s best for God and His glory.  You see, His glory is made manifest in me more abundantly when I learn to make my life about being a living sacrifice.  As I sacrifice my agenda and preferences, I make Him and others a bigger deal than I do myself.  This is when my heart starts to grow, because I have learned the value of being a servant who trust in her Father’s love and plan.

I’m not sure who comes to mind most often when you think about your pain, but remember that our painful moments hold within them the potential for purpose.  A purpose far greater than the anger and discouragement our pain tries to drown us in.  It is a purpose that connects our hearts with God and with people.  Not so that we can be put on display, but so that Christ in us can abound all the more.  Now my thoughts are no longer so much about those who have hurt me, but those whom I can love and serve for the Kingdom and glory of Christ as we all walk this road of healing with Christ together.

Jesus, help me now to thing upon thoughts that are pure and lovely.  I need your help to do this.  God, grant me wisdom.  Help me to navigate life with grace, love and mercy, in Jesus name, Amen.  

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