It’s Time to Unlock That Pain

open wide your hearts also…. (2 Cor 6:13). 

Has pain ever made you close your heart off?  It has for me.  You know that person who hurt you deeply, shut you out and cast you off? For me, the thought of opening wide my heart to them, quite frankly, fills me with anger and if I could be quite honest, I don’t think its righteous anger.  It’s an anger that says, “You hurt me, and I’m angry.  I have very little love or grace for you because of how you treated me.”


You see, I don’t want to open wide my heart because that means I have to let go.  I have to  release all the pain once more, the rejection and hurt feelings.  Opening wide my heart to that person means that I release them to the Lord, knowing that He is for both of us and sits forever on the throne.

Yes, He is for both of us.  As much as I want God to be against that person, I should praise Him that God never treats us how our sins deserve.  When someone casts you out and cuts you off, it’s not because you’re the problem.  It’s something deeper in their heart that needs the touch of the Father’s love.  It’s a wound that never healed and unfortunately that wound is infecting you.

I wonder what would happen if we stopped closing off our hearts and started opening them wide instead?  Knowing that we are not receiving back the wrong done to us in our lives, as if it never happened or as if it wasn’t wrong.  Instead we are opening up our hearts to that person in a Spirit of love and forgiveness.  We are opening our hearts knowing that who we are actually becoming as we do this, is more like Jesus and when He fills our hearts we can receive others knowing that it’s not us who receives them, but Christ in us instead.

That kind of love changes people.  It convicts them and sets things free.  It might not make the situation right in the way we want it, but it becomes something that is now held in the hands of a loving Father instead of locked up in the hearts of hurting people.


Lord, I entrust my life to you.  Every heartache and pain, every person who has hurt me, Father, I surrender them to you.  Fill me now with your love, grace and mercy, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.  

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