God Guards The Righteous

Righteousness guards the person of integrity, …(Pr 13:6).

Have you ever felt like you had to explain yourself to others? Maybe something happened in your life. There was a loss, divorce, or something that requires you to make a change and as you’re describing what happened to others you feel the need to say, “But, you know… I”…

I’ve felt that tension too. What I’ve found for me, is, that tension is always rooted in insecurity and caring too much about what others think of me. I’ve often felt the need to explain myself when I’m fearful of the opinions of others.

When in reality, there’s no need for us to do that. We must simply remember that God guards the righteous and fills them with good things.

There’s this lie trying to creep into my mind. It’s a lie covered in shame, trying to convince me once more that my future will be ruined because of my present circumstances. The devil loves to do that, twist words, hit fear buttons, cause us to worry, and therefore, we feel the need to defend. But, what exactly are we defending? Are we defending our integrity? No, God does that. We are indeed defending our insecurities. Insecurity gets us nowhere, but resting in our Father’s defense always leads us along paths of peace and righteousness.

Something that’s been hard for me to understand over the years is that my Heavenly Father always defends us. If we are walking in integrity and righteousness we don’t need to defend any part of us, because what others should see in us is that life. His life and integrity in us, so that if a word is spoken against us, because of what others know about us and our walk before God, they’ll set it aside as gossip because they know the risen Christ who lives inside of us.


Father, may my hurt be fully alive today in your presence. May your peace and justice guard and fill my heart. May your love be the song that I sing. I long for others to see you in me. May they see you as my heart dances before you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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