The Prison….The Place of Our Greatest Purpose

…even here I have done nothing to deserve being put in a dungeon. (Genesis 40:15)

The prison cell is often the place of our greatest purpose and is the gateway to our destiny. I know that sounds weird, I get it. Trust me, saying that and believing it in my heart are super hard for me.
I think, what God is teaching me, on this journey of following Him is that the prison cell is the place where I stop becoming everyone else’s teacher and God truly becomes mine. I can’t do much in the prison cell, except stay put and submit myself to the process and to the one who holds the key to my freedom.
Jesus is the key to my freedom. Let me say that again, Jesus is the key to my freedom. Not, I’m waiting for Jesus to set me free or I’m waiting for Jesus to pull me out of this prison cell, no, Jesus is the key to my freedom. I have that available for me even while I’m in th prison cell, whether my own actions got me there or I was wrongfully placed there, it makes no difference- Jesus holds the key to my freedom.
I think prison cells are put in place for a few reasons. One, they teach us how to trust. Two, they invite us into a deeper relationship with God. Three, they humble us deeply. I’ll admit, sometimes, in the depth of my selfishness I want to grab others and throw them in the prison with me. Because in my mind, if I’m gong to be here than they should have to be here too. Gosh, that’s so terrible and selfish.
You see, I think what prison cell often reminds me of is that I care far too much about what’s best for me. Then I do about cheering others on as I allow them to walk their own journey. The prison cell reminds us to let go and give God glory as we pour out our hearts before Him. Not grabbing others, but blessing them instead. Not getting made about our circumstances but seeing what our circumstances might reveal about our need for a transformed heart.
You see, I think what I’m realizing about myself is that the things that make me the angriest are the things that need the most transformation in my heart. There the areas where I don’t completely trust God, I can’t seem to let go of what happened or I’m just angry and so I look for someone or something to blame.
The enemy always wants us to remove our gaze from God’s good purpose and set it on ourselves. God is writing a grander story. It’s His story that shows us something new, not so that we can hold on tightly and become someone special, but so that we can become someone different as we are held by His love.
Lord, I do not always understand the journey, but I know that I can trust you.  I place my life in your hands today, so that I might live alive and free for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen.  

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