Endure The Drought….Receive God’s Rain

The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the LORD sends rain on the land.’ ”… (1 Ki 17:14).

Dear friend, rain is coming. It always comes to those who choose to be faithful. God always sends rain on the land of our lives when we are willing to trust Him in the drought.
You see, sometimes a drought needs to take place because some area in our life needs to die. It’s not that God is trying to do away with us, though sometimes we might feel that way. No, God is trying to do away with something inside of us. Something that’s blocking our view of Him. Something that’s taking up too much residency within our hearts and minds. God always sends a drought not to kill not us, but our idols.
Truly, He is a good father who loves to shower His children with good gifts. Gifts from above. Gifts of love, mercy, patience, kindness, and self-control. I think what I’m learning is that in order for fruit to grow, something has to die in me first.
I don’t care for that process, but I know that it holds within it a great purpose. A purpose that leads my heart beside quiet waters. A purpose that is far better than the life I was living before the drought. That is so hard to see and understand in the drought and that is why we must stay the course, run from bitterness, and live serving God in faithfulness.
Trust me when I say this, it’s hard to see the drought as some sort of purposeful thing from God. Yet, what I’m learning is that seasons of drought are opportunities for great growth. They are times when God can finally get us alone and speak tenderly and lovingly to us. They are seasons of life when God becomes who He says He is to us if we are willing to believe that He is the one who always sends the rain.
Lord, although I don’t always understand the journey one thing I am certain- you are good. Although my life sometimes gets thrown out of balance and knocked off course. I know that you are good. Truly you are the God who sends rain on the righteous. I want to live in your love and truth today, in Jesus name, Amen.

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