Joy Stealer

Look, your son is alive!…(1 Kings 17:23).

Dear friend, God wants you to live fully and freely alive in His love.
Personally, as a parent, that’s when I’m experiencing the most joy. When my daughter is laughing and giggling together with me. I’m certain that God takes the most delight when His children are experiencing the same kind of joy in His presence.
Life can be such a joy stealer. It can so easily rob us of the joy that is ours in Christ. It can whisk us away into deep and dark places of sadness and misery if we allow it. Yet, there is a joyful presence that awaits us each day. It is the Lord Jesus Christ who is forever ours. Truly, He loves to dance with His children at the start and end of each new day. At those times when we are most prone to let our minds drift off towards places of negative thinking.
It’s not that I don’t want to dance with Jesus. It’s just that sometimes I’d rather sit near the punch bowl and drown in my thoughts. The devil loves to spin a web of lies into us, drowning us time and time again in the would have’s should have’s or could have’s. He’s so crafty in what he says. It feels so convincing. Especially if we’ve allowed him to spin the web of lies for quite some time.
Have you ever walked into a room where someone else was and your heart was struck with anger or hurt feelings? Not because they had spoken anything out against you, but your time at the punch bowl drowning in your thoughts convinced you that although they never said it, that’s what they’ve been thinking about you all this time.
What a waste of energy. Yet, we do it all the time. I am learning that the only story I can and should tell myself is one of peace, love, and mercy. Unless I do that I’ll be sure to drown in unforgiving and negative thoughts. Stealing away the joy that is mine in Christ.
You see dear friend, it’s the dance that He delights in the most. When we are His and He is ours as we dance together. Not because all things are perfect and right in our world, but because we can trust our Heavenly Father’s plan. Because we know that although we cannot see the end, He holds the pen of our story and for that, we can praise Him.
Lord, you are king over all creation. Truly, you are my greatest joy. You have joy for me today. I long to sit in your presence and to dance in your joy. Help me now to do that, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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