They Who Run….Will Not Grow Weary

they shall run and not be weary,…(Is 40:31).

Do you ever feel like you’re limping through life? It just seems like one blow after the other hits and here you are again thrust into the valley, sitting still as you allow one more wound to heal.
It is good to sit still with God in the valley. It’s far better to heal there so that you don’t bring your wounds out into the world. When we do that we hurt people. We throw them into valley’s dug by our own hands. Casting them into the places of our own vehement judgment.
I’d rather be stuck in the valley than run on the mountaintop if that means I’m just going to run over people along the way.
God has a destiny for us, it is Heaven. The place where we shall dance and run with Him on streets of gold. You see, He’s preparing us for that place. Therefore, there are times and seasons in life when we must learn how to heal. Then, we shall receive renewed strength for the journey ahead on the road that we are walking towards Heaven.
When we are walking in our healing and not our pain, we take people with us towards that beautiful city prepared for us by God. Instead of thrusting people into valleys made and dug by our anger, we are running with them towards that celestial city full of hope, life, and peace.
Lord, let my life be one of praise. I long to take others with me towards your salvation, hope, and healing. Restore unto me the joy of your salvation today, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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