Don’t Run From Your Grief

Though he brings grief, he will show compassion,

so great is his unfailing love….(La 3:32).

It is good and necessary to allow yourself to feel and grieve the depth of your sadness. Stuffing it down only keeps it from properly working its way up and through your heart into the healing embrace of God.
God always meets with us in the depth of our tears and grief. He is never far from us in those moments when we allow ourselves to feel the pain of what we have lost. In fact, He is ever near in those moments. Just as Jesus wept with Mary and Martha over the death of their brother Lazarus I believe that He too weeps with us in the midst of our losses.
Don’t allow the enemy to speak words of defeat and shame into your life. Don’t let him tell you that your grieving makes you weak or that God is disappointed in you because you’re dealing with sadness or maybe even some anger over your situation. Allow yourself to walk with God in the process of your grieving so that you might find His hand holding you up as you walk with Him through the valley and onto the next chapter in your story.
There are some chapters I’d never want to relive. They are painful chapters, full of loss, grief, and sadness, but there are also other chapters full of life and peace. Even in those dark chapters there were good parts of my story being written. Those are the moments I’m pressing into as I recall the goodness of God in my life in seasons of loss.
Grief has a funny way of joining us throughout the day. Something is triggered and we can either bury our grief and not allow ourselves to feel the pain and weight of it or we can bring it up to the surface and allow God and others to help us carry the weight of it. Because, if you’re been like me, you’ve fought back tears that just kept flowing because you were embarrassed over your grief.
Allow yourself space and time to not be OK. It does not mean that you’re weak or less of a Christian. It just means that you’re human. A human being who is on their way to the city of hope, where the resurrected Christ awaits HIs children. Until that day we will suffer much trouble, but in our grieving He is good and in our dryness He brings steams of living water for the soul that continues to thirst for Him.
Lord, you are so good. You have never left me or disappointed me. You always make streams in the wilderness and provide in the valleys. My heart says, “I trust in you!” In Jesus name, Amen.

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