He Threw Spears

Saul answered, “But am I not a Benjamite, from the smallest tribe of Israel, and is not my clan the least of all the clans of the tribe of Benjamin?…(1 Sam 9:21). 

In ancient Israel, the Jewish people demanded God for a king. Quite simply, because they wanted to be like, “all the other nations.” Although God warned them against choosing a king for themselves, they ignored God’s injuction and continued asking for a king to lead them.

God gave them a king. A man named Saul who came from the tribe of Benjamin. He was a deeply insecure man who kept trying to prove his worth. Whenever he felt as though his position as king was being threatened he became overwhelmed with hatred towards that person. 

So, Saul threw spears. 

No, really, he became so paranoid at the thought of someone taking his throne that he literally threw spears at them. He did this to young David as he played the harp for Saul. Then, in the latter part of Saul’s reign, he spent most of his time trying to hunt down David and kill him. 

I too have been insanely jealous of others. I’ve felt threatened by them and worried they might look better in the eyes of other people. This has caused me to have hatred in my heart towards them for no reason. It’s caused me to pick up metaphorical spears to throw at them.

I remember a number of years ago, being very jealous of someone who I was serving in youth ministry with. Instead of asking myself, what does this person have that I need to cultivate more of in my life that is drawing people to them, I was overcome with jealously. It wasn’t until after deep humbling in my life where I realized that the throne I wanted to sit on was keeping me from being a blessing to others. 

I really don’t think people are looking for a king among God’s people. There are plenty of those running around and quite frankly, there is only one true king; Jesus. I really think they’re looking for someone who’d be willing to wash their feet. This is the example that Jesus shows us within the gospels. This one of the reasons why so many Jews had a very difficult time accepting the fact that Jesus was and is the Messiah. They were looking for a warrior king like David, not a humble servant who gave up His life to serve the least of these.

Saul felt threatened and we will too if we keep leading from places of insecurity. Until we reach a point of finding our security in Christ, we will always look at people, not as someone to love, serve and care for, but as someone who threatens the kingdom we’re trying to create for ourselves. 

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