First-Century Youth Ministry

Where It All Began

First-Century Youth Ministry was started by Heather Quiroz, a woman who loves youth ministry with a deep passion. In 2011, she went on a life changing trip to the land of Israel where she had an encounter with Rabbi Jesus and the Jewish roots of her faith.

Heather in Israel in 2011

Once she returned to the US, she went on a mission to learn as much as she could about the Jewish roots of her faith.

After years of serving in youth ministry, Heather had a number of conversations with youth workers around the country about discipleship. She came to understand that it seems as though the youth ministry community feels a bit stuck when it comes to makng disciples. That is when First-Century Youth Ministry was born. Starting with the release of the book, “First-Century Youth Ministry” published by the Youth Cartel in January of 2020.

“A Look Back For the Way Forward”

Heather now wants to help youth workers become their very best by turning the book into a movement. She hopes to accomplish this by creating a community of youth workers who are ready to forge a new way forward in youth ministry discipleship by taking a look back into the Jewish roots of their faith.

Heather offers free support and training for youth workers who want to join the journey. Please contact her to join the movement! heatherquiroz17@gmail.com

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