Courses and Team Trainings

A look back for the way forward

First-Century Youth Ministry Courses

Here’s a great opportunity to help educate yourself and your youth leaders about on discipleship in the first century.

Contact us for info on pricing. Discounts can be offered for churches on a tight budget.

Team Training Topics

The Disciples Passion: What would it have taken to follow a great Rabbi? How can the commitment of those first-century disciples inspire and challenge us in the 21st century to feel more equipped, resourced and challenged to grow disciples in our own ministry setting?

Transformed by the Torah: What’s the big deal with the Torah? What is the Torah and what role did it play in the life of Jesus and His disciples? What role does God’s word play in our ministries? We’ll discuss those first century practices and the Jewish devotion to Scripture and discuss practical ways to make Scripture a bigger part of our ministries

Reclaiming Discipleship: Was Jesus the first youth pastor? And if so, what difference does that make for us today? How does understanding Him from His Jewish context better help us understand how to disciple teenagers in the 21st Century?

Student Leadership: Everyone wants to know how to grow student leaders. How did Jesus do it? We’ll look at the way Jesus compelled, lead and grew others up as leaders under His Kingdom mission.

Beit Midrash and Beyond: What was the Jewish educational system like and how can you create a training ground for young people to grow up in God’s word and love for Him? We’ll discuss all of those things and more in this training course.

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