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Starting Sept. 10th and going for four weeks, Heather will be leading free training courses for any youth worker who longs to make disciples

First-Century Youth Ministry Courses

Here’s an opportunity to learn more about the Jewish roots of your faith, build community and work together to create a more robust discipleship community among your ministry seetting! 

Please follow this link to sign up for these free courses! Starts Sept. 10th, 2020!

Week 1 (Sept 10).  Re-rooted discipleship.  Are you frustrated that you’re just not seeing much fruit in the area of discipleship in your youth ministry? We’ll begin our look at how first-century discipleship can help frame our view of discipleship in the 21st century.  
Week 2 (Sept 17).  Getting Back to the Bible.  We talk about it all the time, don’t we?  We want thriving youth ministries, but sometimes we’re not sure to get our students excited about the Bible while keeping things fresh, fun, and engaging.  Join Heather Quiroz, as we dive into the Jewish love for the Scriptures so that we can bring the same kind of love and passion into our youth ministries.   
Week 3 (Sept 24).  The Disciples’ Passion.  To follow a rabbi, in the first-century was something that took all of your devotion and all of your passion.  This was true for the first-century, but how can we bring this same kind of passion into 21st-century youth ministry?  Join Heather as we dive deep into looking at some practical ways you can bring the passion of a first-century disciple into your 21st-century youth ministry.   
Week 4 (Oct 4).  Molding Student Leaders.  In the first-century, Jesus called young people to follow Him.  Then, He gave them big-time responsibility to continue to spread His Kingdom message all over the world.  Let’s take a look at how we can apply some first-century principles as we mold student leaders into kingdom workers.

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